Florence County 9-1-1 also known as Central Dispatch to our emergency response personnel is the communications hub for Florence County’s Emergency services network. Florence County Central Dispatch is the single answering point for all E-911 calls originating anywhere in Florence County. Our communications personnel perform dual roles handling call-taking responsibilities as well as dispatching emergency response personnel.

Operate a multi-line telephone console system, alerting system, TDD system for the deaf and hearing-impaired, and complex radio system.

Dispatch for 25 public safety agencies within Florence County. There are 10 Law Enforcement agencies, 10 Fire Departments, 1 countywide Emergency Medical Service and 3 Transporting Rescue Squads.

Receive and dispatch a variety of emergency and non-emergency calls and when needed utilizes a language line for non-English speaking callers.

Utilizes all resources to determine the location of the caller and supply them with adequate assistance.

Utilizes Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Fire Dispatch, and Emergency Police Dispatch software to obtain imperative info through a list of questions for responders and provide appropriate pre-arrival instructions.

Receives an average of 250,000 calls per year which equals approximately 700 calls a day at 30 calls an hour. Out of those calls, on average, 151,000 of them are E-9-1-1 calls. The remainder of the calls are either non-emergency calls, such as a fender-binder with no injuries, or administrative calls from law enforcement, fire, or EMS personal requesting information.

Remarkable ability to think quickly and work under stressful situations.