For Immediate Release

County vegetative debris pickup deadline

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. – The deadline for Hurricane Matthew vegetative debris to be moved to the public right of way is December 17, 2016. Beginning December 18, 2016 the contractor will begin conducting its final pass for debris collection.  

This vegetative debris will be collected from along public right of ways within the county by a private contractor. It is the responsibility of residents and property owners to move debris from their property and place it along the right of way in accordance with the following guidelines for pickup:

  • Debris MUST be moved to the right of way and piled
  • Vegetative debris outside of the right of way or outside of 15 feet of the roadway will NOT be picked up
  • This is Vegetative Debris Only caused by the storm (trees, branches, stumps, leaves, etc.)
  • No lumber of any type will be picked up (fencing, decks, damaged materials from homes or out buildings, etc.)
  • All non-vegetative materials must be taken to manned convenience sites as normal (shingles, lumber, white goods, glass, etc.)
  • There is no size limit on the vegetative debris including length or size of trees and stumps. If you get to the right of way it will be picked up no matter the size.
  • Do not pile debris on water meters, beside power poles or guy wires, and do not block driveways.
  • If you have leaves, rake them into the pile. DO NOT BAG! No plastic bags will be collected
  • If you live within one of the municipalities of Florence County, you will need to contact your municipality for specific procedures you may need to follow.

If these guidelines are not followed, your debris will NOT be picked up.

If you have specific questions, contact 843-665-7255 for any additional information.